December 21, 2015

Is a pure life real? When a friend suggested that I write something about purity I said “who am I to write something about this?” I must admit that in the past I have struggled with purity myself, and I was ashamed to talk to anyone about this. When I did I realised that I am not alone, and that is why I think that this is something that we should not be ashamed of. I was going to fall into the trap of saying that this was something that I struggled with and therefore I have no right to talk about it. But on the contrary because I struggled with this, I have to talk about it.

If we are honest with ourselves we all find it hard to live a pure life, be it with our health, our heart, our sexuality, our relationships, or our attitudes. I find that all purity links together. As a young person it is hardest to practise purity especially when it comes to sexual purity. Today’s culture does not make it any easier. From a very young age (in some countries 4 years old) we are taught that masturbation is important to experiment with, that casual sex is ok as long as you are using a condom. Television, advertising, and the internet are full of sexual or provocative images. How can this not be an issue. Today more than ever, young people are addicted to pornography, and are struggling to have real, healthy relationships.

Purity is a different way of life. I have many friends that claim to practice a pure life. They only eat organic food, and exercise everyday, but then take drugs, and have multiple sexual partners. What I want to talk about is a pure lifestyle that is different to today’s understanding of purity. What I wish to talk about is Christian purity. The departure point for Christian Purity is that of relationship, a real relationship with our Father God through Jesus. Before even thinking of understanding, one just needs to open his or her heart to Jesus, no matter how young or old they are. It’s all about relationship. We start from the pure relationship we have with God, from whom we can receive strength. Every time we fall we can stand up and run back into the arms of Grace. But without this relationship it is hard to understand, and it is even harder to live.

We all know the story in the book of Judges chapter 16, the story of Samson and Delilah. Samson a man chosen by God had supernatural strength. He showed weakness when he went with a prostitute, and then fell in love with Delilah. He was falling astray but God was still with Him. Delilah lured him into a trap which he was not expecting. She tricks Samson into telling her his secret, and she gets him arrested. Before he dies he does one last thing, he asks to be placed against the temple pillars and prays; “Lord, remember me…” he gets his supernatural strength back… we all know how the story ends…

Samson was already falling from his purity path by going with a prostitute, so it became easier for him to be tricked by Delilah. But at his weakest moment, even though he knew that he did wrong, he remembers the Lord, and prayed. God did not abandon him but He instead gave Him strength once again.

Purity is hard, and that is why we need help. Christian Purity is admitting that purity is hard, and learning how to lean on God who gives us strength. Even when we fall and feel that it is impossible, all God wants us to do is look to Him and He will give us His strength once again. God is not a magician who grants you your every wish. He is a loving father who walks with you. That is why if you are not in a relationship with Jesus what Christian Purity proposes may seem absurd. The only way we can ever live a pure life is by having a relationship with Purity itself. This relationship will help us live a pure life; this relationship will enter every aspect of our life, not in an invading way but in a gentle way, in a way that sometimes we may not even notice.

My advice to you who are struggling with purity is, stop trying on your own and let God in. Invite Jesus into your life, start reading the Bible, talk to him about your desires, talk to Him about your needs. He is waiting for you. (A helpful tool is find a trusting accountability partner, someone you can call when you are struggling, someone who is not going to judge you but show you that you are not alone.)

To the question is Purity true of false? My answer would be that genuine Purity is true and possible, but it is only true and possible in, and with Jesus Christ!

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