October 27, 2015

As young Christians I think that it is very healthy and important that young people gather together and share their faith. There is also something out of this world when people gather together to worship God. This is exactly what 5 friends and I did this summer. We travelled to the UK and went camping with 5,000 other youths in Shepton Mallet. This was no ordinary camping experience; this was a 5 day Christian Festival called Momentum. Momentum is the part of Soul Survivor Ministry that aims to resource, equip and encourage students around 20/30 somethings

We were so blessed by the whole Momentum experience right from the start. We rented some tents from the kindest man who runs a small ‘rent a tent’ company called Panda tents. He even came on another day to give us extra sleeping bags because he saw that one of us on Facebook commented that it was cold. The festival itself was out of this world. Imagine us who come from little Malta, how blown away we were by the amount of young people that attended. There was something in the atmosphere. Wherever we went people where speaking about Jesus, people were praying over each other. What a beautiful thing to see the Church of Christ fully alive.

Our day was made up of 4 small (and when I say small I mean 500 – 1000 people) sessions where topics like Prayer, How can a good God allow suffering?, Fresh Bible reading, Temptation and how to resist it, Supernatural Healing and much more were discussed. We also had 2 main sessions during the day one in the morning and one in the evening. These main sessions where held under the biggest freestanding tent in Europe. At these sessions the Worship was incredible almost every one was praying, the presence of God was tangible. There was an excitement to be felt that we are not alone, that we as the young generation can make a difference.

There was a time where I thought; ‘could it possibly be that every one in this tent is praying, and worshiping God,’ so I decided to go right to the back of the tent where I actually saw that everyone was indeed praying. This was impressive, God truly touched thousands of young people.

The greatest thing was that every one felt equipped and empowered to carry Christ’s message to others. Momentum allowed young people to be young and have fun being young. But always pointing out that we are more than capable to do great things in the name of Jesus. This is so important in the Church today.

A beautiful experience that touched us as a group was that the Momentum team even thought of organising Mass for us. We were only 10 Catholics at the festival, but we were shown the utmost respect, and felt so united with our Christian Brothers and Sisters.

I personally left the festival positively charged, and so much in love with Jesus. My dream is to see something like this in Malta. How beautiful it is to see the Church full of life and joy, I truly believe that we are all called to be the light of Christ to others. Jesus chooses us in our weakness, Jesus dose not look at our age, or at our capabilities, but He looks at our heart.

“Don’t be afraid to dream, it is in your dreams that God speaks to you. It is in your talents that God will use you. Be yourself because that is who God wants you to be.”

Some experiences of my friends:

“At Momentum God really showed me that He never gives up on us even though we mess up. Through the cross we are all saved and no one is left out. God appreciates our effort of trying to get closer to him. His love helps us never to give up” – Anabelle – 31

“After Momentum I decided to follow Jesus. I have decided to serve Him. If that means that I should pray with people, I will do so. If that means I dance to worship Him, I do so. If that means I share my testimony, I do so. There is no turning back. It’s a wonderful life!” – Bernice – 19

“During those 5 memorable days at Momentum, I was constantly seeing this vision of Jesus literally showering me abundantly with His love. And suddenly it struck me … Christ completes me. I realised that my identity and security is in Him. So now I’m aware that when life gets tough, I shouldn’t dare to give up because He loves me … because He died for me! So now I know that whatever the circumstance, when I turn to God, the stress goes away. Although I can’t see His hand, I know He is always there. I love Him. I trust Him. I live for His presence!” – Miriana – 18.

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